About Expedition Conservation Photo Safaris

Expedition Conservation Photo Safaris was born to share our contagious passion and love for the African bush with fellow nature lovers. We’re here to help you get the magic out of your safari – and photography.

From our African dream to the safari of your dreams

We’ve been fortunate to travel through 11 African countries full-time over the last four years and plan to cross the whole continent while helping wildlife conservation on the way. We’ve carefully studied the ingredients of extraordinary photography safaris for years – even before this grand expedition – when creating our dream trips around Africa. We’ve also learned to combine that knowledge with our previous know-how in photography, hospitality, and customer service design.

We’ve been asked for years whether we could also design dream safaris for others, too, especially for photographers. Africa can be both a fascinating and challenging destination. Now, after years of thorough research, we are ready to share the magical safari moments with you.

The personal photo safari experience resonates with all nature lovers

We know photographers’ needs profoundly and have done enormous legwork to find the best field guides and camps in each country. Our guests appreciate the utmost attention to detail and the personal, premium safari experience.

Our goal is to create life-changing moments in the bush. To many, it translates into beautiful photography. To others, it unfolds as stories and memories to cherish. Your journey with us leaves a meaningful impact: each trip contributes to wildlife conservation.

We are leading all small-group photo safaris listed on this website personally. The first scheduled trips follow the great migration in Tanzania during the Mara river crossings and the calving season. But we will also launch the dates for Kenyan and Ugandan safaris the soonest, and we’re planning a totally different self-drive safari in Namibia, too. We can also design a private safari for you or your group to any of the African countries that we’ve explored during the years. Just send us your inquiry!

Let us be your guides to the magic of Africa, and let’s create life-long memories together.

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