Blue Wildebeest crossing the Mara River to Serengeti, Tanzania.
High-key leopard in Serengetuí, Tanzania.
A leoprad jumping higher in the fork of a tree. Serengeti, Tanzania.
Wildlife & Experiences

Splendid sightings and photo opportunities

Our Tanzanian safaris are timed perfectly for witnessing the Great Migration crossing Mara River in September and the wildebeest calving season in February. We will roam the endless plains of Serengeti among thousands, even millions, of migrating hooves and predators licking their hungry lips.

A specialized photography safari lets you chase the wildlife sightings that you have always dreamt about. We only use senior safari guides who know the needs of photographers and search for the best angles in demanding situations. We don't want you to miss any shot.

From unlimited daily game drives and photography guidance to the immaculate lodges and bush camps, we create safaris where you can concentrate on enjoying the ride and creating memories - or frames - of a lifetime.

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Unique nature lovers' safari

You don't need to be a photographer to appreciate the exclusivity of our expeditions. We focus on wildlife and get up close and personal to learn about different species and their behavior. Wildlife conservation is an important part of our safaris.

Our wildlife guides are excellent trackers, so we prefer to find our own animals instead of relying on radio comms and rushing to crowded sightings. We've selected luxurious bush camps with best locations for wildlife enthusiasts: birds and animals can be spotted even from your private veranda.

With us, you feel at one with the African bush, its mesmerizing rhythm, sounds, and smells.

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Room view in Royal Zambezi Lodge, Zambia.
Private terrace at Royal Zambezi Lodge, Zambia.
Sunset in the Serengeti.
Landscapes & Lodges

Exclusive expeditions for photographers

Let’s be honest, photographers and normal safaris don’t match. Our photo expeditions are exclusive, small group tours with only 6-9 guests. We take great care of the details because the details matter.

We only take 3 photographers in one safari-equipped Land Cruiser meaning that everyone will have their own row. It’s both a necessity and luxury for us: you have plenty of space to move around and access to both sides of the vehicle – also on transits.

Each 3-person group has their own wildlife guide, and we can tailor the game drives into your personal liking. You can opt to explore the bush for the whole day or take early morning and late afternoon drives for the best predator activity. Photography tour leaders are at your use both during the game drives and in the camp.

What Our Customers Say

Two photography tour leaders

Expert wildlife guides

Luxurious bush camps

Splendid wildlife sightings & birding